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8 SEPTEMBER 2020    

This event consisted of two parts!

Part 1: Generation food Masterclass
How do you best recruit staff at your starting agricultural company or start-up in the food sector? Or are you just curious about the options to make your work easier? That's what this masterclass tried to find answers to. Tom from Acerta was ready to answer difficult questions. Three entrepreneurs came to share their experiences with staff for inspiration: Tom van Pachagreens , Janne and Maxime van Maïsterplan and Daniël van Kopje Zwam​ . The options for job students, permanent staff, picking cards, IBO (individual vocational training) and even staff such as shareholders or franchisees were extensively discussed. During the breaks there was time to ask questions one on one.

Part 2: Newbie Award Awards Ceremony

The Newbie Award 2020 took place in May this year, but the award ceremony was delayed due to the measures against the spread of the corona virus. Now the official award ceremony could finally take place. The 5 laureates were judged by both a jury and the public on their innovativeness and the extent to which their story can inspire other farmers. Tom De Windt took home the jury prize. His inspiring micro-vegetable nursery Pachagreens appealed to our jury the most. For the audience award, the laureates had to rely on their own network. That of Janne and Maxime van Maïsterplan turned out to be the largest. They went home with the audience award. Both will receive a financial boost with their next education or marketing investment and will be allowed to attend an international conference in the spring of 2021.


The beautiful day was concluded with a delicious BBQ by farmer Geert.

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