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7 MAY 2021   

A first Generation Food Summit was organized online on May 7, 2021. The event was led by Karl Magnus van Proef and Nele Lauwers from Boerenbond. The invitees – Beanlife , student entrepreneurs from Délicé and Bar Stan – were each involved in one of the Generation Food trajectories and shared experiences of their (early) entrepreneurship in sustainable food. Geographer Gerard Govers also came to tell us more.

First of all, Shinji and Margo from Délicé told us about the process they went through: they emerged as winners of the Makeathon 2020 with a granola based on a residual flow of apple pulp. They eventually grew into a cranberry-based granola start-up.

In the meantime Gerard Govers sent in a video in which he emphasizes the importance of legumes and grains, especially if we want to face the future in a sustainable and healthy way.

Finally, Winnie from Beanlife and Michaël from Bar Stan spoke. They are both inspired by Generation Food in their entrepreneurial adventure. Beanlife has launched the very first Belgian tempeh on the market. Bar Stan serves great food with short-chain ingredients.  

You can watch the summit again below!




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