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1-on-1 networking with local companies from the regions of West and East Flanders.


Wednesday 24 FEBRUARY 2021  

By Nele Lauwers: Consultant Boerenbond new earning models

After the success of our first network event, we are repeating it for the West and East Flanders region. During this online networking event, entrepreneurs got a better idea of the supply and demand of grains and pulses in the West and East Flanders region. First of all, there was a web forum about local grains and legumes. Here you can read a short overview of the evening!

With this event we are responding to the growing interest in the consumption of grains and legumes from our own soil. Grains are an important basis of our diet and legumes are receiving increasing attention as a source of protein. Moreover, both crops fit into a sustainable cultivation plan and a healthy diet.  


We started the evening with testimonials from entrepreneurs Hans Gheldof who produces quinoa for Colruyt, among others. Bram Van Looveren of Casibeans was also present.


Hans Gheldof runs an agricultural company with his wife Leen Vanoverbeke, where he started growing quinoa as one of the pioneers. In the meantime, he is already selling his harvest to Colruyt, among others.


Bram Van Looveren represented Casibeans, a company that trades in pulses and has been working with Flemish farmers for several years for the production of local red beans.




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