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1-on-1 networking with regional companies from the Antwerp and Limburg region.


Monday 31 May 2021    

By Nele Lauwers: Consultant Boerenbond new earning models


After the success of our meeting in Flemish Brabant and West and East Flanders, we repeated the network event for the Antwerp and Limburg region on 31 May. During this online networking event, entrepreneurs got a better idea of the supply and demand of grains and pulses in the Antwerp and Limburg region. First a web forum about local grains and legumes. A successful evening that you can relive below!

During the web forum we heard from Stèphane de Cartier from Kruisberghoeve, Simon Eyers from Arvesta and Eva De Keyser from Alpro. They each talked about the relevance of local grains and legumes to their business.

Stéphane de Cartier of Kruisberghoeve talks about how they produce carrots, beets, beans, maize and grains. The latter is produced for his brother's local brewery. He talked about the importance of grains as a rest crop and how it retains nutrients in the soil. He sees a lot of potential in local grains and legumes, but emphasizes that farmers need sales.  


Simon Eyers from Arvesta talked about working with farmers to produce local grains and pulses. Many farmers don't have the quantities to get to work efficiently with their harvest and that's where Arvesta comes in: they take these farmers together so that they can be processed industrially.


At Alpro, together with ILVO and Arvesta, they are researching the production of Flemish soy. Eva De Keyser came to explain this. Sustainability is high on the agenda at Alpro, as consumers are increasingly concerned with where their food comes from. At the moment 60% of the soy used by Alpro is from European soil. They hope to increase this percentage by focusing on the potential of Belgian soy.


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