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Meet our speakers who like to get their hands dirty for a clean planet. Each and every one of them is convinced that you can make a difference with nutrition and entrepreneurship.




bean life

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Can tempeh save the world?

Some people call tempeh the best kept protein secret in the world. But Beanlife wants to change that with their local tempeh.

When Winnie and Noemie participated in the Generation Food hackathon in the fall of 2019, it was the first time they 'came out' with their project. Meanwhile, they sell 3 types of tempeh based on local beans, organically grown. With their offer they provide extra color and taste in a healthy diet with vegetable proteins



Students UCLL

founder @


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A granola that saves food

What happens when you bring students from different study programs together under the guidance of experienced coaches to tackle a social problem? Then you get Délicé, a granola based on surpluses from the processing of cranberries.

Délicé emerged as the winner at the Generation Food makeathon in September 2020. Their product will soon be in stores, but they hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to work with food surpluses as well.

Gerard Govers

Professor @

Ku leuven

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Conversation with Vice Rector Science and Technology

In addition to being a professor, geographer Gerard Govers is also vice rector of the Science, Technology and Sustainability Group at KU Leuven.


With a positive look, Prof. Govers to the future and is convinced that we can stop climate problems with the help of  technology and science. A clear and pragmatic voice in an often polarized debate. He looks at this 'wicked problem' from a systemic approach and explains how local grains and legumes can play a role in this.


michael cloet

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bar stan

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Hospitality as a sustainable facilitator

Michaël is the initiator and co-partner of Bar Stan. He is a landscape architect and urban planner by training, but gave in to the hunger for local, small-scale entrepreneurship with 'direct impact'.

Interest & awareness in the necessary food transition led to collaborations with Kort'om Leuven, bakery Korst, and Boer&Compagnie, among others. Driven and stimulated by new insights, Bar Stan's kitchen and offerings are constantly evolving. 


The hosts

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Karl Magnus


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As founder of PROEF, and co-founder of Cookwork, Karl guides and supports in generating and developing innovative ideas and concepts, and commercializing innovation in food and hospitality.


He helps to make the sector more sustainable and links this to the right strategy, target group and the necessary channels. Karl is therefore one of Generation food's partners.

Nele Lauwers


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Nele is passionate about farming and sustainable food production. Together with farmers and horticulturists within Boerenbond, she tirelessly searches for solutions that excel in diversity.

For Generation Food she organizes the series: 

'Grains and legumes: the ingredients of a healthy revenue model'. And for the first Generation food summit, she is also excited to come up with new insights and steps forward together with the guests.


The summit is completely free


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